Gettysburg Battlefield Bash 2024

Our Mission

Bring awareness to so-called charitable organizations that allegedly use donated funds to support their lifestyle.  

Don't be fooled

Only donate to trusted organizations that follow the strictest transparency guidelines to ensure that your donation goes where you intended, and not the organizers personal bank accounts.  

Where's the money?

Gettysburg a Time of Giving – 509(a)(2)

They are claiming less than 50K in gross receipts.

NO TRANSPARENCY on what they’ve received and how much or where the money is going.

See their Determination letter here.

PA Department of Revenue

How to file a complaint:

If you suspect tax fraud, report the activity directly to the PA Department of Revenue, including as much detail as possible, using the web form linkOpens In A New Window below, emailing [email protected], calling 717-783-4649 or writing to the address below:


You can submit tips anonymously, but documentation and supporting evidence are helpful to investigations.

Department of State
Bureau of Corporations and  Charitable Organizations
Charities Section
207 North Office Building, Room 212
Harrisburg, PA 17120
(717) 783-1720
(800) 732-0999
[email protected]

Office of the Attorney General
Charitable Trusts and Organizations Section
14th Floor Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17120
(717) 783-2853

Fun Facts
About the Bash

The Gettysburg Battlefield Bash
benefits the PA Wounded Warriors

This organization is listed under the IRS as a Non Profit

What does the Bash

With zero transparency

They claim to donate to charity.

With Zero Transparency

They openly joke about sexual assaults and harassment

As witnessed recently

They have a reputation in Gettysburg

Of ALLEGED fraud

Have People Send Threatening Hate Emails being sent on their behalf

Then beg for your support with a badge Profile picture. We support the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash being honest for once.

A thank you to all that have submitted evidence and reports.

We are not out to hurt anyone.  We have received countless documents from anonymous users and we have received multiple pleas in support of the Battlefield Bash.  

To set this record straight.  We 100% support the idea of the Bash.  Our goal is to clarify where the money is going.  If we are wrong, we will admit that.  To date, the only shred of clarity any one has been given is a Facebook video posted reading an email.  

However, at that time they weren’t under any charitable standards.  So they can’t be held accountable under those guidelines.  They did not  have to be transparent.  Now they do have a 509(a)(2).  Now they do have standards and it is up to the charitable public to hold them accountable to show where the money is going.  This is what we are looking for for the past 3 years:

  • How much was raised total (vendor tables, donations, raffles)
  • How much were the expenses
  • How much was donated to any organization
  • What was done with the balance
These are simple questions with simple answers that EVERY charitable organization is required to disclose.